Will You Be Bragging About Your Business on New Year’s Eve?

Will You Be Bragging About Your Business on New Year’s Eve?

Ah, New Year’s Eve.

Party hats,

Cheap champagne,

Half-hearted resolutions?

(that often don’t make it to January 2).

The “holiday” season, and its culmination on New Year’s Eve,

bring back some of my darkest memories as an entrepreneur.

This was suppose to be the year.

The year it took off,

and the passive income ball started rolling into a massive ball of cash.

The year I could look my friends and family in the eye

and say “I told you so.”

The year my business clicked and I became the polished picture of perfection

I saw in all those sales videos.

I mean, I bought their courses.

I tried their ways.


Yes, I admit, shinier objects came along and distracted me.

But I tried them too.

And they all said they were just like me a few years ago.

A big ole mess of looming debt,

an unkept house,

a hidden gem in their market.

Before the big house that doesn’t look lived in.

Before the glittery outfit with matching jewelry, coordinating eyeshadow

and a $300 haircut.

Before the $1000/hour video crew that could make the Unibomber

look as trustworthy as Larry King . . .

New Year’s Eve.

Dammit, where’d I even put that list of this year’s goals??

So seriously and optimistically crafted exactly a year ago.

I’m an entrepreneur.

I’m not like them.

They won’t quit smoking, lose weight, stop yelling at their kids,

or use that gym membership.

But I will.

I will build that business.

The one that gives me financial freedom

to make decisions without concern for money.

The one that brings daily joy to my life

as I share my talents with a growing band of deliriously happy clients.

The one that transforms me into supermom.

Free of stress.

Free of frustration.

Emitting nothing but love for you my child,

and all of your darling, well-behaved siblings.

What happened?

Where the #!*% did the year go?


Next year . . . next year.

Yeah, next year.

Not Willing to Wait Another Year?

Join me and a small group of committed entrepreneurs

who are making this year’s goals happen THIS YEAR.

It doesn’t matter how far behind you are.

We’ll get you there.

Get the details here. You know you want this.

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