A Much Needed Change to My Favorite Product — Instant Income Plan

I first got a sneak peak at the Instant Income Plan in September.? I was, and am, blown away by cheap Amoxil what the system does to help me make money online.? It provides everything I need to run a successful affiliate marketing business.? The only thing I have to do is drive traffic to my lead capture page.? The system provides my personal lead capture page, does all the follow-up through phone calls and autoresponders, provides all the marketing materials, amoxil online and closes the sale for me.

So ALL I have to do is drive traffic.? Easier said than done, as anyone who’s been in affiliate marketing for more than a day knows.? The bonus to the Instant Income Plan is that it even provides a training area with tons of information on how to drive traffic.? But, until you master it, driving traffic is hard work.? And therefore, making money online is hard work.

And that’s why I never liked the name Instant Income Plan.? When you join IIP, unless you’re a seasoned marketer that knows how to drive traffic, there’s nothing “Instant” about the income you’ll earn.? It takes work.? But you reap what you sow.

So I’m happy to announce buy amoxicillin that my wonderful partners who created the Instant Income Plan have changed the name of the system to the Infinite Income Plan.? Now that’s a name that I can promote with pride.? The Infinite Income Plan gives you every tool you need to create INFINITE income.? No, it won’t come instantly, but when it comes, it comes fast and, well, infinitely!

Why did they change the name?? This goes back to my last post.? By calling the system the Instant Income Plan, they may have created an unreasonable expectation in people.? The name viagra amoxil clavulin canada appeals to what people want — instant income.? But on the other hand, they never promised that if you sign up income will flow instantly, without effort, into your bank account.? And anyone with one foot in reality knows that there is no easy button that allows you to sign up, sit back, and watch money chase you down.

So, I was disappointed in the marketing ploy behind the name “Instant” income.? But I was even more disappointed in levitra cost those who joined the system and complained a week later that they weren’t making money online despite the fact that they’d taken no real action.

Now it’s all solved.? The name reflects what the program does.? Making the change must not have been an easy buy Ampicillin decision.? It cost a lot of time and money.? I applaud the decision to make the change.? It reflects the honesty and integrity the creators of the Infinite Income Plan have always displayed to me.? It’s the number one reason I love and promote the system.? Now I’m even more excited about my growing Infinite Income Plan team.

JENNIFER HERNDON works at home with her kids.? She has been a home business consultant for over 11 years.? After years of searching, Jennifer has discovered the best hands-free method for creating an online income.? Learn more by claiming your free Infinite Income Plan report here.

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