One Simple Reframe to Make Your Business More Fun and More Money

One Simple Reframe to Make Your Business More Fun and More Money

Most people want to help other people.

This applies especially to entrepreneurs.

In everyday life, we humans go out of our way to help people.

We hold doors, pick up dropped items, lend change to the person in front of us who’s short.

We help a stranded motorist,

Cook meals for a sick neighbor,

Attend fundraisers for a community member dealing with tragedy. . .

My family has season passes to Six Flags.

Several times a season they have “bring a friend for free” day, which means we have four free passes,

each worth a minimum $45.

We rarely bring four friends, which means I get to troll the line asking people if they’d like to be my free guest.

And I do this without hesitation.

It’s the gift I’m committed to giving someone.

The human instinct to help.

When Helping Becomes Selling

I’ll confess that in the past I’ve been much less enthusiastic about offering my coaching or consulting services to people.

When I think about how differently I approach potential paying clients than I do potential free guests at Six Flags,

it almost makes me laugh.

Take a pause for a moment here, because this is worth your time.

Think about how enthusiastically and freely you offer to help your fellow humans in everyday life.

Compare it to how you approach potential clients.

If you think it’s an apple to oranges comparison, don’t go away.

I did too, at first.

But I was wrong (as are you). 🙂

And I can tell you that since I recently started viewing every potential client as a Six Flags free pass recipient,

my business has not only been more profitable, but also more fun.

Why is Helping Different Than Selling?

The answer is simple.

Helping people in our daily lives is different than selling our services to potential clients because ?we see it as different.

Because we see helping as an apple, and selling as an orange.

But the reality is, it’s all apples.

And when we shift our reality, it’s easy to see that it’s all just apples.

So why do we keep seeing oranges?

True, it’s not initially a simple reality shift.


(1) Because in our business we’re asking people for money in exchange for our help, and

(2) Because many people are skeptical about our motives for offering help.

And unfortunately, they are rightfully skeptical.

Are we going to take their money and leave them without the promised help?

This is a question that doesn’t come up when we help out of kindness without any thought of a monetary exchange.

(3) Because we often lack the confidence we should have in our ability to help through our business services.

And how can we turn those oranges into apples?

When you’re able to reframe your business to see yourself as a helper instead of a seller, everything will change for you.

You’ll start showing up differently, and your potential clients will see that you are different than the others in your market.

They’ll recognize you as a helper rather than a seller.

Here’s how to do it.

(1) Reframe your view of the money.?

That’s the one huge difference in helping and selling.

If you hand a homeless man the dinner you just bought for yourself, he’s gotten more benefit than he’s given.

If you help a woman who’s been struggling for 5 years to lose weight fit into the dress she’s been dying to wear to her class reunion, she’s gotten more benefit than she’s given.

How do you know this?

Because she wouldn’t have signed up for your program with that goal in mind if the desired result hadn’t been more valuable than the cost.

So stop thinking of your business as something that takes money from your clients, and start viewing it as something that gives them benefits that outweigh the cost.

I always have a goal for my client to increase their revenue by more than my monthly consulting fee in our first month together.

If you paid me $1400 a month and that resulted in an extra $2000 for your business, wouldn’t you pay me all day long for that exchange?

(2)?Show your clients that you’re the real deal.

The best way to do this is by giving them results in advance.

It can be through the good free content you put out there.

If you’re a relationship coach who’s constantly giving relevant, actionable tips on how to find the partner of your dreams, potential clients aren’t going to view you suspiciously when you offer to sell them a higher-level service.

Instead, they’ll think, “Wow, her free content is so good, the benefit from this premium service will undoubtedly outweigh the cost.”

You can also do this by getting on the phone with potential clients and helping them with their specific issue.

I offer a problem-solving session where we solve one problem in your business, then you can move ahead yourself, or choose to work with me further.

It doesn’t matter which route you choose because I’m establishing a relationship of trust with you that will benefit us both in some way at some time.

(3)?Prove yourself to yourself.?

Write down how your service helps people.

Seriously. Don’t complain to me about your results if you haven’t done this.

Take out a piece of paper and write yourself a story about how you helped your ideal client, and what a difference it’s made in her life.

I have a story about Emily who can stay home with her kids now, was able to throw out her high heels and corporate job, and out-earn her husband while working at the park while her kids play if she wants and needs to.

Yes, you can use real life stories of people you’ve helped, but I find writing down your ideal,?perfect client and result really helps you understand the impact you can have on people.

Again, you’re not in the business of taking money from your clients. You’re in the business of delivering results with benefits that outweigh the cost.

If you don’t reach out to people you can do this for, how unfair to?them is your lack of action?

Another way to gain confidence in your business is to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who will help you be your best and deliver your best, and will fill your “confidence well” up with their feedback and support.

Will You Do This?

Most people will not.

Most people are too busy looking for the perfect funnel or spending three hours searching for the perfect image to go with their Facebook ad.

If you don’t get all those oranges turned into apples, those things won’t help.

So pull out your journal and reframe your business.

I don’t mean start thinking about it or trying to convince yourself of it.

Work on it until?you?actually see your business this way.

Nothing will get you there faster than writing out how you’ll put these three steps I just gave you into action.

Let me know how you get along!

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