Can Making Your Bed Make You Wealthy?

Yes, making your bed CAN make you wealthy.? Well, it’s a start anyway.? No, I’m not introducing a new “system” that pays you to recruit a team of people who all make their beds.

This is a lesson in understanding one of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes — “For things to change, you must change.”

I used to think this meant I needed to change how much money I made, that I needed to change from being paid by the hour to earning passive income.? If I could change those things about me, then I was certain that yes, things would change.

I spent a few years spinning my wheels.? Wondering why nothing was changing.? I was persistent.? I kept working.? Buying every new course.? Trying every new thing.? Failing.

Eventually I figured out that making more money and creating passive income streams was the end result, not the path to change.? I needed to change me.? Because I was never going to dramatically change my income doing what I was doing anymore than a hamster is going to escape his cage if he just keeps running on that wheel.

“For things to change, you must change” means that you need to change from the ground up.? You need to change your habits.? The way you live your daily life.

This likely has little or nothing to do with your business.? It’s about you.? You don’t need a new course, or a new website.? You don’t need to change your tracking methods or tweak your adwords ad.

You need to change your habits.? To become more responsible, more productive, more focused.? Your habits are at the root of your failure.

Just because some habits are seemingly easy to change, don’t underestimate their importance.

I have a lot of trouble with organization.? And I know I am way more productive when my physical space is organized.

But looking around at my house (including my home office), it is completely unrealistic to think I can get everything organized just the way it should be, and then get to work.? I would be in a state of constant organizing for six months.

So I pick small battles.? Make the bed every morning.? Get all the dishes cleaned up after each meal.? Things I’ve thought I just don’t have time to do.

And if you make a small but significant thing your goal, it pretty quickly becomes a habit.? As routine as getting dressed in the morning.

In addition to making progress towards your goal, when you are able to make a small change that is important to you, you feel really good.? It lets you know that change is possible.? And it gives you motivation to continue to make change.

A series of small changes will make you a new person before you know it.

So, get off your hamster wheel.? No matter how hard you try, if you keep doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it, things will not change for you.

If you think you don’t have time to make your business wildly successful, figure out how to be more productive, and what shortcuts you can take.? Then break it down into little steps and go do it.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at? home mom with three fabulous kids.? She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 12 years.? Jennifer?s passion is empowering others on the challenging and rewarding journey of entrepreneurship.

Having trouble figuring out why you’re stuck?? Find your answer in Jennifer’s free mini-course, Seven Simple Success Steps, and start changing your life today.

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