Does Your Online Business Make You Happy? (It Should!)

I started my online business career in network marketing, representing various direct sales companies. I then became an affiliate marketer and sold products in the hottest niche markets I could find. Both of these options can be a good way to make a living. And in each arena, I found people once in awhile who were passionate about what they were selling.

But, much more often than not, I found people who didn’t care what they sold. They just wanted to make money. They had no passion or real interest in their product. Especially when it came to affiliate marketing, there were few who had ever even used the product they were promoting.

When I started coaching people on how to build an online business doing affiliate marketing, I always tried to match passion with what my client would be selling. But few people cared. “I’m passionate about whatever makes the most money,” was the prevailing attitude.

This was the primary reason I left affiliate marketing. I seemed to be surrounded by a lot of people who wanted to make a lot of money. Very few were making any real money. And even fewer were happy with their online business and what they were doing.

After 15 years as a business owner, and lots of experience watching, talking to and learning from other business owners, I remain more convinced than ever that the most important consideration in choosing the market for your online business is that it makes you happy.

If you aren’t happy doing what you do, then little else matters. In today’s video, I talk about why this is, and give you some examples of people who are happy in their business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree that being happy is the number one consideration in your business? If not, what sealed the deal for you in settling on a market for your business?


  1. I can see why you left affiliate marketing. I also remember that woman who did the trapeze thing and changed the course of her life. I love what I am doing, but I have to be honest I also am so passionate about it because of people like you and all the others in our online group that keeps me following my passion. I know I couldn’t do without all of them

  2. I agree, Jennifer. If you aren’t happy, it ultimately creeps into your business. I think you have to be passionate about your business for real success.

  3. Jennifer this is one of the best articles (and videos) I have seen in awhile! Powerful message! When we operate from the heart only good will follow! My husband asked me the other day if I stopped working to help parents what would I do…I suddenly felt very sad, almost panicky…I had NEVER considered not doing this and when I did for even a hypothetical question my love and passion were quickly reinforced! Blessings~

  4. I agree. Do what you love and it never seems like work.

  5. Powerful message Jennifer! Passion keeps you going. I totally agree that it’s never work when you love what you are doing.


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