Goals Check: Who’s Still Going to the Gym?

new-years-resolutions-fitnessWe’ve made it through February. ?Time to check up on those New Year’s Resolutions you reluctantly made. ?Most people have long ago lost that?piece of paper.

I go to a fitness club.? I have for over 20 years.? So I know this little graph to the right to be absolutely true.

I curse the full parking lot every January.? But take solace in the fact that it will only last a month or so.? And always, every year, it proves to be true.? By the end of February, we’re back to the old crew.

A few weeks ago during an aerobics class, I looked around at some of the people who had been attending regularly since the new year began.? And they were getting it.? They had gone from stepping on the wrong beat and looking around the room in frustration, to being in sync with the regulars?in the class and in step with the instructor’s calls.

I also thought about the dozens of new faces that I’d seen once, and then never again.? They cared enough to show up.? But it was hard.? Others made it look easy.? But the newbies gave up in frustration, often even before their first class was over.

It occurred to me that my aerobics class mirrors life.? Those who show up — who keep showing up — succeed.? And, it becomes easy for them.? I wrote this article in my head while doing a fairly complex aerobics class.? Because I’ve been doing it for 20 years and it’s easy for me.? It became easy for me a long time ago.

The “just keep showing up” rule applies to most anything you want to succeed at.? As a baby, you just kept trying until you walked.? (Good thing babies’ brains are so undeveloped, most adults would give up after a couple of days . . .)

Musicians, athletes, even doctors.? When they started they had no idea how to read music, to hold the ball correctly, to diagnose disease.? But they kept showing up, and working at it.? Until they could do it in their sleep.

The same formula for success applies to your home business.? Show up at night after everyone else is asleep.? Work on your business.? You’ll learn how to succeed.

Nearly everyone who starts a home business fails.? And it’s always because they stop showing up before they start making money.? They’re looking for get rich quick.? They want to get their website up tonight and see $10,000 in their Paypal account tomorrow.

That’s not how it works.? Not for anyone.

The good news is, you probably signed a contract with that fitness club.? So it’s not too late to start going again.? Today.

But before you go, sign a contract with yourself and get back to work on your home business.? It’s not too late to be healthier, and wealthier,?in 2012.

Online BusinessJENNIFER HERNDON is a work at? home mom with three fabulous kids.? She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 12 years.? Jennifer?s passion is empowering others on the challenging and rewarding journey of entrepreneurship.? Discover the Seven Simple Success Steps for free in Jennifer?s mini-course designed to start you on the path to personal growth and home business success.

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