How to Connect Google+ and YouTube (and My Google Rant)

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Although I usually support the “underdog” rather than the “big boys,” I love Google. Most all things Google are awesome. And, of course, Google+ is the best of Google.

But today I have a little rant against Google. I am not one to use my blog for opinion posts that do nothing to serve you or add value to your life. So stick with me, there is a lesson or two in here for you.

First, my rant to Google:

Dear Google:

I love you, but, you need to start treating me like a person. Your Gmail service is phenomenal, and the recent updates have made it even better. However, the way you integrate Gmail with Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, and well, all of your products, leaves me feeling like a lost and confused victim of multiple personality disorder on most days.

You see, your generosity in allowing me to have multiple Gmail accounts is both a blessing, and a curse. I have many different roles in my life, and having a different Gmail account for each of those roles is really the only thing that makes sense. But, although I am a friend, a customer, an online business owner, and the parent volunteer coordinator at my kids’ school, at the end of the day, I’m just one person.

Unfortunately, Gmail won’t recognize that each of my separate email accounts are really just that one person. To you, I am 4 different people.

The most tragic consequence of this is that I had to abandon the YouTube channel I used for my business.?I already had a YouTube channel to share videos with friends and family, so I started a new one, with a new Gmail address, for my business.

Much later, you added the awesome functionality of publishing my YouTube videos straight to a tab on my Google+ profile. Awesome that is, but for the fact that the Google+ profile I’ve been using for 2 years is based on a different email address than my business YouTube channel.

And you’ve made it impossible for me to link a YouTube channel to a Google+ profile where the Gmail addresses don’t match. Awesomeness negated.

And then there are those times when you inexplicably make my school Gmail my “default address.” I only use it about 5% of the time compared to my other accounts. Trying to +1 an article on a website can take 10 minutes while I figure out how to sign out of that Gmail address, remove it as the default, sign in to the right account, and get the article shared to the only Google+ profile I use.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I am technology challenged. You are obviously not. I know it’s within your power to figure out how to treat me like one person with four Gmail addresses, rather than four people with one Gmail address. I beg you to make it so.

Faithfully Yours,

Jennifer Herndon

Now here’s the lesson for you, which is likely obvious. Make sure your Google+ profile that you are using for your business is set up under the same Gmail address as your YouTube business account. And, if it’s not, fix it now.

Just cut your losses on whichever account is less established, and switch things up. You’ll thank me in the future. (Unless of course Google takes my letter to heart. Right.)

And here’s another lesson for you. If you don’t have your Google+ and YouTube accounts connected, fix that. If you just said to yourself, “I don’t use Google+,” or “I don’t use YouTube,” fix that. I have several articles on my blog about the how and why of both Google+ and YouTube, but I would suggest looking at these two for starters:

3 Reasons YouTube Must Be in Your Marketing Strategy

Google+ Beginner’s Guide to Better Engagement and More Fun

How to Connect Your Google+ and YouTube Accounts

The quickest way to see if your accounts are properly connected is to head to your Google+ profile. On the top of the page, in the center, you’ll see a tab that says “YouTube.” If it looks like this, you’re connected:

Google | YouTube


Where it says “Videos shared publicly in your YouTube channel,” you’ll see thumbnails of each of your videos. If you don’t have this, head over to YouTube and we’ll get you connected.

First, in the upper right-hand corner of your YouTube channel, click on the small grey arrow found here:

Google | YouTube

This will open up a drop-down menu. Click on “YouTube settings” like this:

Google | YouTube

This will take you to your “Overview” page. Here, you can choose to connect with your Google+ Profile, or your Google+ Page. (I don’t generally recommend using a Page for individuals, but if that’s what you do, I’ll show you how to connect it to YouTube).

If you click on “Link channel with Google+” if will connect with your Profile. If you click “Advanced” it will connect with your Page.

Google | YouTube

Connecting YouTube with Your Google+ Profile

Once you click “Link channel with Google+,” this screen will come up if your current channel name and Google+ profile name are different:

Google | YouTube

YouTube has pulled your name and photo from your Google+ profile. If it looks good for you (and it likely will), click “Preview.” Next, this screen will appear:

Google | YouTube

If it looks good, and again, it likely will, click “Update my name.” You’ll then be taken back to your Overview page. You can verify that you’re properly connected by looking for the link that now gives you the option to disconnect:

Google | YouTube

Now when you return to Google+, your videos will appear under your “YouTube” tab. Nice work.

Connecting YouTube With Your Google+ Page

If you do use a Google+ Page for your business, you will have clicked “Advanced” in the screen shot above. Then, you’ll see this screen:

Google | YouTube

Simply click on the “Connect with a Google+ page,” and you’ll be taken here:

Google | YouTube


You’ll first see the Google+ Page you’re about to link to. Then, as you can see, you’re allowed to choose a name for your channel. This nice feature allows you to name your channel with a business name that’s different from your personal name.

Choose your option, click “Next,” and you’ll see this confirmation:

Google | YouTube


You’re good to go! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions. And, am I the only one bothered by the multiple Gmail accounts confusion? Either way, throw me some support please, or let me know why I’m wrong.


  1. OMG you are the first person I have seen post about this -It has been driving me crazy that the only account that is not linked to my main G+ profile is my YouTube channel (established Before YouTube was acquired by Google). I have asked Google, YouTube, real people, helplines and Youtube experts and nobody knows what to do and I was thinking that I just need to cut my losses and start again on the YouTube channel that has been “self generated by Google.

    So glad to read a great post on this. It’s amazing more people are not posting about it. I think I will re-start my channel in a week or two. I will keep you posted!

    • You sound so much like me Donna! I’ve searched the world over for a good answer to this, and I must finally conclude that there just isn’t one. I too was surprised in my research that no one else was posting or complaining about this. That’s one of the reasons I thought there had to be an answer. If it isn’t fixable, why isn’t anyone complaining?! I don’t know.

      I was sad though ~ I had a nice custom background, featured video with quite a few views (for me), and was building subscribers and views. Finally I decided I was either going to drive myself crazy or just start over again and build it back up. I chose the second route! Still a little frustrating, but it won’t matter in time.

      Let me know when you get your new channel going. We can connect over there and give each other a little support for our “fresh” channels!

      • Sounds like a plan! I think it is very strange that they have done it that way considering that they purchased a platform in existence and then enforced the google accounts on to it so it would make sense to allow us to match it all up [shakes head]


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