How to Simplify Your Business Growth in One Step

When you think of “business growth,” you likely think?numbers. But that’s a mistake.

Because once you start focusing on your numbers ~ needing more followers, more views, a bigger list ~ you loosen your requirements for admission into your audience.

It no longer matters whether the people who join you are on the same mission as you, and are looking for the outcome you offer.

What matters is how many people opted in to your list today.

How many Twitter followers you have.

How many YouTube views you got.

And while you certainly need?someone to be listening, your focus should always be on who’s?listening, not?how many?are listening.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch the video, because I think it will help you put this strategy into use in your business. It really will simplify and accelerate your business growth. But, if you’re really in a hurry . . .

Here’s the “Skimmer’s Version” for Simplifying Your Business Growth

I’m sharing this with you because I recently “got it” myself and it’s making a huge difference in my business growth?and?in how happy I am with my clients and my entire audience.

First, make sure your messaging is clear. What do you stand for? What are you against?

Don’t be afraid to offend people, alienate people, push people away.

You will get resistance from people. This truly is the first sign that you are doing things right. Wish these people well and?tell them to go away. Don’t argue with them. Don’t try to convert them.

If we all resonated with the same thing, there would only be one type of restaurant and it would have one item on the menu.

Second, there is only one time you should listen to your “haters.”?

And that’s if they seem to be the majority rather than the minority.

If those who are listening to you start giving you consistent negative feedback, you’ll want to consider retooling your messaging. (Or perhaps finding a whole new audience, but that’s likely not necessary).

This?doesn’t mean change who you are.

It just means change what parts of your knowledge you’re sharing, and/or how you’re sharing it.

Give the people what they want! (Even if you think it’s different than what they need ~ you’ll find a way to sneak that in there eventually).

The best way to make sure what you’re giving is what your audience wants to take, is to ask them what they want.

This can be done through simple surveys, social media interactions, and merely hanging out in the same places your people are and?listening to them.

My best advice: Put some time and effort into this. You don’t need a million people. You’re much better off with a hundred who share your vision and mission.

When you find yourself surrounded with “your kind,” your business growth will often seem easy.

No more having to convince people to buy. No need to be an expert copywriter. No need to stress over how many people opened your email.

Just be you, provide value, and care about your client’s results. They’ll continue to invest in you without giving it a second thought.

Want to work on your messaging? Or solve another specific problem in your business? For the cost of your time, I’m excited to get on the phone with you and make a difference. Apply here. A little scared to take that step? Read more about it right here.

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