How to Take Your Online Business One Step Above the Rest

Online Business DisciplineWelcome to Simple Saturday.? I hope you’ve designed the perfect weekend for yourself.

My super simple, yet super effective tip for today has to do with how to separate your online business from the 95% of those who are struggling.

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be starting an online business these days?? Actually, that’s not true, but if you hang out in the world of entrepreneurs, it sure does seem like just about every online market is a noisy one.

How then, will you ever get people to notice you over the crowd?

Do you need the best graphics? ?A million dollar sales letter? ?The lastest product on ninja website traffic secrets?

The answer is not what you might think.

If you’ve spent any time online, I’m sure you’ve bought eBooks and thought, “hmm, I could have done better than that writing in my sleep!”

Or seen sales letters that look something like this: “Get you’re hands on this game changing product befor its to late. ?Your going to love it!”

And yes, despite their lack of knowledge, writing abilities, or grammar and spell-checking skills, these people are?selling stuff. ?And running a successful online business.

It’s not because they’re smarter than you (obviously). ?It’s not because they’ve bought the newest “how to” product and discovered the secret to online business success.

It’s because they have Discipline.

Yes, a successful online business requires a certain level of competence. ?But the number one distinguishing factor between the rich entrepreneur and the poor is?discipline.

Because what’s easy to do is even easier not to do.

Discipline breeds consistency. ?And consistency is the mother of success.

Discipline Will Turn Your Online Hobby Into an Online Business

Until your online business is the source of your full time income, fitting it into your life can be a true challenge. ?Start-up entrepreneurs are usually juggling various combinations of a job, school, a family, and some attempt at a little “me” time.

So, while your business may be your passion, it’s often at the bottom of your “to do” list. ?Because your boss and your hungry kids naturally worm their way to the top.

If your “business plan” is to get as much done as you can after work, dinner, and bedtime for the rest of the family ~ you’re in trouble. ?I’m tired just thinking about working under those conditions.

Yet, I know that it’s common. ?Which often means that some days you get a good 2 hours of work done on your business. ?But sometimes it’s 30 minutes. ?And sometimes you are so tired that you just can’t do it that night.

While I can completely relate to this, I also know from experience that it’s no way to build a successful online business.

You must have the discipline to schedule the specific hours you work on your business. ?And it needs to be hours that you can actually be productive.

The discipline to force yourself to stay up late every night isn’t going to work. ?You’ll spend 75% of your time fighting sleep, and 25% getting work done.

As a converted “night owl,” I strongly recommend you discipline yourself to schedule your prime work time in the morning. ?Before the rest of the day starts. ?I know that means getting up at an insane hour. ?But it’s when most people are able to do their best work.

If you can really be most productive at the end of the day, go for it. ?The lesson here is that you must have the discipline to schedule specific work hours, to stick to them, and to do only money-generating activities during those times. ?No, returning emails doesn’t count.

Discipline is as Easy as Taking Out the Trash

While discipline seems hard, in reality it makes your life much easier.

I used to have a goal of posting to my blog twice a week. ?To meet that goal, I had to post the last two days of the week, because that’s always what it came down to. ?I rarely met that goal. ?I had no more time to write anything those last two days than I did the other five.

Then I decided to discipline myself. ?I committed to blogging on Wednesday and Saturday. ?Having it scheduled made all the difference. ?No longer was it “when I could fit it in twice a week.” ?It was scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday.

This gives me the freedom not?to worry about it the rest of the week. ?Instead of the constant nag of ?”I’ve got to get to write,” I just do it as scheduled. ?Like it, or not.

It’s truly the same as taking out the trash. ?Trash comes on Thursday. ?Recycle comes on Wednesday. ?Those are the only?days you think about taking out the trash and recycle.

Discipline yourself to schedule crucial tasks in your online business the same way your trash company schedules your pickups. ?It will force you to be more productive. ?And will save you hours of stressing about how you’re going to get it all done.

As always, don’t underestimate how this super simple, yet super effective tip can change your online business. ?I look forward to hearing about your success!

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at home mom with three fabulous kids, ages 3, 5 and 7. She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 14 years. Jennifer?s passion is empowering others to personal and business success through a positive mindset and consistent action.

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