How to Use Automated DMs to Build Relationships on Twitter

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As a business owner, your overall social media goal is to build relationships with people that are beneficial to others, and to your business. Last time, I took on the seemingly popular opinion that automated direct messages (DMs) on Twitter?are a spammy and ineffective way to connect with people.

As I told you in that article, Twitter auto DMs are actually a great way to build relationships with your target audience on Twitter. Today, I’ll show you the right way?to use Twitter DMs to grow your connections, rather than your spam complaints.

Twitter DMs Done Wrong

Because I see so much of it, let’s start by looking at how not to connect with new followers through an auto DM.

First, don’t?use your auto DM to sell your opportunity/product/service (whether it’s “free” or not). Here are some examples of auto DMs I’ve gotten more than once:

“Thanks for following… Here’s How I Make $688/Day with ZERO Selling!! <link> [100% FREE ACCESS!]”

“Thanks for following. Can I offer you a totally free lesson on how I personally sponsor 800 to 900 people per year?”

“Order chepz f0ll0wers with n0 eggy profile with fast service <link>”

Just like you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger in real life and say any of these things, right?

Second, don’t send a pointless auto DM to your new Twitter followers. Here are a few examples I’ve recently received:


“Thanks for the follow! I automatically followed you back using <link>! You can do the same thing for FREE!”

“Thanks for following. Have a nice day.”

But, these spammy and pointless examples shouldn’t be the death knell for auto DMs.

Twitter DMs Done Right

When crafting your auto DM, keep in mind your purpose ~ to engage people and build relationships. Think of how you would engage someone in a conversation.

People like to talk about themselves. It’s human nature. So instead of talking about?you in your auto DM, try asking a question that gives them an opportunity to share information about themselves. There are several ways to do this.

To spark engagement, do ask questions relevant to your market. For example, one of my DMs asks something like, “What one strategy are you working to implement to make your business more successful?” This has started many good discussions that have led to relationships for me with other entrepreneurs on Twitter.

And,?do reach out to connect on other networks where you aren’t limited to 140 characters at a time. I’ll admit, “Please like my Facebook page” with a link isn’t very engaging. But how about, “I’d love to connect on FB too. You can find me here <link> . Send me your link please.”

Also,?do ask the same kind of questions you would ask when you meet someone in person. Good conversations starters in my market are, “Why did you start your business?,” “Do you work your business full-time or part-time?,” “What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?”

Should YOU Use a Twitter Automated DM?

As you know, I think there are few, if any, things in social media that everyone must do to be successful. And the Twitter auto DM is certainly not a “must do.” It is, however, a very effective shortcut to identifying your most targeted and engaged followers.

And it is the best way I’ve found to take relationships with my Twitter followers beyond Twitter, and eventually to my blog. I’ve bought things from people and sold things to people who I connected with through a Twitter DM. I’ve learned things from and taught things to people I first met through an auto DM.

So, if your time is precious, and if you’re looking for targeted relationships for your business, you should at least experiment with sending your new Twitter followers an auto DM.

If it just doesn’t feel good for you to do this, then don’t. Try another strategy. But never let anyone convince you that all auto DMs on Twitter are spammy, inconsiderate, hypocritical or “rookie.” Because that’s simply not true.

I always love your feedback. Do you use an auto DM? Hate the very thought of them? Has my take on things changed your approach in any way? Thanks for letting me know in the comments below.


  1. Thanks Jennifer for the clarity. I was going to start doing DM’s but recently read NOT to for the reasons you mentioned. I receive all the wrong ones and it turned me off thinking many would think I was spam.
    I will reconsider now…thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I enjoyed reading your article. You used the perfect analogy: “Think of how you would engage someone in a conversation.” This is so true. People are looking for genuine relationships, not a hidden sales pitch on day one. Thanks for the tips on the right way to use DM’s.


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