Are You Ready for More Clients?

Tired of providing a superior product or service, yet watching your inferior competition bring more clients in the door? Search Engine Optimization will ensure your clients find the best ~ YOU! ~ first.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

The other day, the kids and I stopped for a quick lunch between activities. They chose Steak ‘n Shake ~ for the “shake” part, not the “steak” part, I guarantee you (we’re vegetarians!).

Like all good moms, I believe that “lunch” usually needs to mean more than an M&M shake. Even if it is hand-dipped.

So, what does a vegetarian eat at a steak joint? Surprisingly, I once discovered a very tasty garden salad on the Steak ‘n Shake menu. It was actually a good salad, rather than the token vegetarian choice I expected.

Of course the salad was never advertised on any of the special menu inserts or table tents, and never recommended as a “favorite” by our server.

Eventually, they even took the salad off the menu, although you could still order it if you knew about it. The garden salad had truly become Steak ‘n Shake’s “best kept secret” in my opinion.

Sadly, on our most recent visit I learned that you can no longer get the garden salad. An obvious eventuality I suppose, once they took it off the menu!

It got me thinking that the company should have hired me to promote the garden salad. I have all kinds of great ideas about bringing the garden salad out of hiding, and bringing the vegetarian and healthy eating market in the door. Hey, it’s easier to justify a shake if you eat the salad first . . .

It also got me thinking about how many times I run across a small business that knocks the socks off the better-known or “name brand” competition. Yet for every 1 client that comes through their door, the “big guy” gets 99.

Are You the “Garden Salad” of Your Market?

I’m pretty sure you’ve never thought of yourself as a garden salad. But I bet you’d agree that you’re more of a “secret” than you wish you were in your industry.

You’re probably reading this because your business could use more clients. If you’re like most of us small business owners, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into figuring out how to get more people through the door.

You’re among the best in your market, and yet your schedule has empty spots, your product is perpetually “in stock.” Some days you may even feel like you’ve been taken off the menu!

Because you’re here, I’m guessing that you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. And you likely have a lot of questions as to whether this is “the answer” for your business, or whether it will be just another “thing you tried” that cost money instead of making money.

Could SEO do for your business what the table tents, menu inserts and server recommendations could have done for the Steak ‘n Shake garden salad?

Time to Get Your Questions Answered and Your Business Growing

I want to give you the unique opportunity to get your questions answered, in full, before you invest a dime in my services.

To do that, I invite you to apply for a free discovery session, where I’ll lay out my plan for your business.

There’s no obligation on your part to work with me. It’s a pressure-free strategy session designed to help your business make more money.

You may go off and implement what I show you on your own, or we may decide to work together. Either way, you have my full support.

Why am I making this offer? Because I believe in the power of search engine marketing. There are more than 40,000 searches per SECOND on Google. That translates into 3.5 billion searches a day, and 1.2 trillion searches a year. I want to show you how to turn those searches into money for your business.

Back in the day, we let our “fingers do the walking” when we needed to find a product or service. In contrast, a recent study by Yelp asked “How many times per month do you rely on a yellow page phone book to find a local business?” 75% of the responses were “zero.”

Clearly, our fingers are doing the walking on our keyboards these days. Another study shows that 76% of people begin their buying journey with Google.

If your potential client doesn’t find you in their Google search, they’ll find your competitor, and end up at their door. I’ll help you figure out how to get that client to your door during our discovery session.

Just click below so I get the information I need, to help your business get the clients it needs.

Can I Do What Your Business Needs?

I have 3 goals for you:

1. Get more targeted prospects, that turn into

2. More paying clients, that turn into

3. More money in your bank account.

While ranking your website on the first page of the Google search results will certainly help us accomplish those goals, it’s a starting point, not a destination.

SEO is what most people think they want, but SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is what your business needs. And SEO is just one part of an overall SEM strategy.

Think of it like this. When it comes to your health, you don’t just take care of your liver, and ignore the rest of your body. If you told someone, “my liver’s healthy, forget about my heart, lungs, kidney, brain . . . I’m confident that I’ll live to 100,” they would justifiably laugh at you.

Yet too many people do exactly this when it comes to their business.

The only way you’ll meet your three goals is to take a holistic approach to your business. I’ll show you how to do that through:

~ SEO to get you found on page 1 of Google
~ Web design strategies to keep people on your site once they land there
~ Content and copywriting strategies to engage your potential clients
~ Marketing strategies including social media and email campaigns

I’ll give you a detailed analysis of what services your business needs during our discovery session. Click below to be taken to an application that will give me all the information I need to get your business on the right track.

How Am I Different?

You’re likely doing a lot of research on your best SEO plan of action. I applaud you for that.

You’re reading this now, and you want to make the right choice for your business, so you need to know how I’m different from your other choices.

I Believe in Resourcing, Not Outsourcing

Most SEO firms will take your money and then send the work of getting you seen on Google off to someone who doesn’t know (or care!) who you are and what you need.

I believe that 1+1=11. Two people don’t just do twice the work of one. When we pool our resources we can multiply the positive results for you. That’s why I partner up with some of the greatest minds in the SEO industry. I’ll always handle your business personally, with the help of my worldwide network of awesome resources.

I Believe in Results, Not Contracts

There’s nothing worse than being contracted to make a payment that you don’t want to make each month. I have SO been there.

That’s why I don’t do contracts. You should want to pay me each month, based on the results we got last month. If not, we’ll part as friends.

I Believe in Quality, Not Quantity

Many SEO firms will work for any and every one for $500 a month. I call that “SEO in a box.” It’s impersonal, ineffective, and just insane.

I take fewer clients, so that I can provide a personalized, holistic service to your business. Yes, you will pay more than you would for “SEO in a box.” But in turn, you will get much more.

I Believe in Making Money, Not Just Looking Good

You may be getting beat over the head with promises of “I’ll get you to #1 on Google.” Don’t get me wrong, that’s relevant and important. But, it’s also the only thing some SEO firms do. And unfortunately, no one ever got rich just by being #1 on Google.

Ever meet someone who looked great on first appearance, but turned out to be devoid of any personality, or worse yet, a complete jerk?

Being #1 on Google is your outward appearance. And we all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts most. That’s why getting you seen on the first page of Google is a starting point for me, not your final destination. All of my services include making sure your business makes more money.

Have more questions? Apply for your discovery session below and let’s get to know each other a little better.

You can't go wrong with this exclusive guarantee!

I’m so confident that you’ll get value from our discovery session, whether or not we decide to work together, that I’m offering you my exclusive “I’ll Pay You” guarantee.

If for whatever reason you feel like I’ve wasted your time during our discovery session, I’ll send you $250, just for your time.

So you see, you truly have nothing to lose. And, I’m super-confident that you’ll walk away from our session with, at the very least, some valuable insights that will help your business make more money.

Click that pretty yellow bar below, and let’s get started. The risk is on me.

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Who will I be talking with during the discovery session?
Me, no exceptions.
Is the discovery session just a sales pitch?
Not at all. I’ll outline my plan to grow your business. You can implement it on your own. Or, if we’re a fit, we can agree that I’ll help you.
How much do you charge?
I don’t know. Seriously, I’m not trying to be tricky or play hide the ball. Until I know about your business, I don’t know what work I’ll have to do for you.
Is your service for everyone?
No. You need to (1) have an active business that provides a quality product or service, (2) not be in the “adult” or “get rich quick” industries, and (3) be coachable.
How do I know you're legit?
I’m confident you’ll reach that conclusion on your own by the end of our discovery session. But for now, you can get a sample of what others have to say by looking me up on LinkedIn at
What can I expect if we decide to work together?
That I will put 100% into not only getting your business found on page 1 of Google, but also making sure that we turn those page 1 rankings into money for you.