What if Trump’s a Good Thing?

What if Trump’s a Good Thing?

My heart is very heavy today. I voted for Hillary yesterday.

More accurately, I voted against Trump. Hillary would not have been a good president either, but yeah, she would’ve been 100% better than Donald Trump.

But here we are.

And all over my Facebook newsfeed people are fearing for their lives, wondering how to explain to their children that the people (well, the electoral college, actually) elected a man who openly disparages minorities, ridicules the disabled, sees women as merely sex objects, and doesn’t consider anyone who’s LBGT a human.

Several of my friends are asking anyone who voted for the Donald to please unfriend them.

I love all of you. I don’t minimize your fear, your concerns for your children, and while I don’t understand your desire not to be FB friends with people who voted for Trump, I respect it.

But I hope you’ll all take a moment to breathe.

To stop throwing your hands up in the air and saying this is the second coming of Hitler, and all us freaks are going to be baked in ovens simply because this idiot was elected president.

Just hear me out for a moment.

Trump is Not a Dictator

Let me dust off that worthless political science degree I have and remind you that our country has three branches of government to balance the power. The executive (Trump) is but one.

We’ve also got the legislative. Remember them? Those guys in the Congress and Senate who have largely publicly denounced Trump, even when he’s a fellow Republican.

And we’ve got the judicial branch. Many of the courts in our country spew the same hatred Trump does, and the thought of Trump appointing a Supreme Court Justice does make me shudder. But again, remember that his nominee has to be confirmed by the legislative branch, and such confirmation is far from automatic.

And, we have some courts doing really good things. And where those courts are state courts, as opposed to federal courts, Trump has zero power to undo what a state court does in the name of state law.

So rest easy for a moment my friends, Trump doesn’t have the power to do half the stuff he’s spouting off about.

So, About the ?Children . . .

I never talk politics with my kids. They came to their own smart little conclusions that they didn’t want “Donald Drump” before they even asked me what I thought. And they were angry and in disbelief when I told him that’s who they got this morning.

So now we have two choices.

We can fill our kids up with the fear and anger we’re feeling right now and leave them with how to sort that out and process it.

Or we can teach them that there’s a seed of opportunity in?everything, no matter how dire it may currently appear.

Finding the Seed of Opportunity

If you need a little help with exactly what “opportunity” this creep could provide the good people of this nation, I’m here for you.

What if . . .

Trump really is as horrible and crazy as his own words portray him to be? Then certainly the legislature will impeach him, and we can show our children that this country won’t tolerate a leader who mistreats everyone who isn’t a white christian male. We can make an example out of him.

Think that’s a long shot?

Well, it’s too early to tell. But let’s say impeachment doesn’t happen, and Trump starts advocating or even pushing through some of the really scary stuff we’ve heard him spout off about over the last several months.

We don’t have to sit here and take it. Threatened implementation of any of his inhumane beliefs on the treatment of blacks, women, immigrants, disabled, LBGT . . . would be our seed of opportunity to say?no we won’t stand for that in this country.

And before you think your one little self can’t make a difference, remember Margaret Mead’s words:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

We Need to Learn to Fight Again.

If Trump wasn’t our next president, we wouldn’t have to do this battle, you may be thinking.

But it’s time to start fighting again.

Let’s face it, despite my love for Barack Obama, our country’s in bad shape. (And guess what, it’s not his fault. Just like Trump, Obama is not a dictator and can’t control what goes on in this country).

Unarmed black teenagers are killed by police officers so routinely that it’s just become status quo. I mean really, is there any evidence that this is going to change anytime soon?

To the contrary.

Cops are so used to a stamp of approval following these senseless murders that it’s breaking news the one time charges ARE actually filed against the officer.

Women earn about .80 cents for every dollar a man earns in the workforce. In addition, many are subjected to various forms of sexual harassment, much of which goes unreported.

The LGBT community is faced with so many daily discriminations and inhumane treatments that I don’t even know where to begin. Court clerks refusing to follow the law and issue marriage licenses. Transgendered individuals facing laws prohibiting them from using the appropriate bathroom. Seriously?

I could go on and on, but the point is, as a country, we’re not doing so great on many of the things we hate Trump for.

So let’s say Trump issues an executive order requiring all LGBTs to go to “straight people training.” And ?mandates that they use a separate water fountain until they have a certificate of successful reprograming. ?That may just be the seed of opportunity we need to rise up together and fight for the equal humanity our LGBT sisters and brothers deserve.

Every time I vote, I remember that people were jailed and killed so that we all had the right to vote.

Remember the civil rights movement? Large numbers of people lost there lives, thousands more went to jail. All in the name of standing up for what’s right.

But we don’t do that anymore. When you block the highway during a sit-in to protest racially discriminatory hiring practices for ?highway workers, you’re dismissed as a trouble-maker.

These days we just sit by and complain about all the injustices we see, but can’t be bothered to do the work, to take a stand, to put a stop to it.

So maybe we do need a catalyst. Someone to light a fire under our collective butts and get us demanding change.

Let’s take some responsibility for our country.

Let’s not blame anything on Trump.

Let’s consider any bad move he makes a personal challenge for us to rise up as one and say, “Not in our country, Mr. President.”

Trump may just be the catalyst we need to change some stuff that seriously needs changing.

I’m Rooting for Trump’s Success

Today President Obama said he’s rooting for Trump’s success “in uniting and leading the country.”

So am I.

And I believe we can successfully get through these next four years, either with the legislative and judicial checks in place on Trump, and/or our own willingness to stand up and do something we haven’t so far been willing to do — demand positive change.

I don’t think it’s going to be easy. I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

But I am up for the challenge. I’m willing to go to jail if Trump’s actions threaten the fundamental rights of anyone in this country. (And if you’re not up for jail, you can at least agree to watch my kids while I’m there).

Tonight in my house we won’t be Trump-bashing. We’ll be talking about seeds of opportunity, standing up for what’s right, and how our political system got so out of whack that people chose Trump over a hardened politician of questionable character.

We’ll be remembering the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

We’ll be choosing love. I hope you will too.

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