9 Unusual but Achievable Tips to Start Profiting Now with Your Online Business

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When I first started out online, I was totally sucked in by those stories of people who made $10,000 in their first thirty days. With a system I could purchase for just $97 today!

You would think I would be smarter than that. But hey, if it’s possible that it could happen, isn’t it worth $97?

Well, I’ve come a long way over the years. Fortunately. And I realize that the “first 30 days” always means “the first 30 days after they’ve worked at it for 2 or 3 or 10 years!”

While it’s not realistic that you’re going to start pulling in 5 figures a month your first month in business, you can get into the profit zone in the first 30 days. But, it’s not necessarily going to be easy.

It’s going to require that you do some things that most others aren’t willing to do. Good news is, they are things that you can do.

Let’s talk about 9 things you can do to jump-start your online business profits. The “how to” of each of these could be its own article, but I’ll give you enough information here to decide which direction you want to go.

Give Stuff Away

You’re probably familiar with this concept. You give a free ebook, report, or video in exchange for a person’s email address. Everyone’s doing this to build their list.

But it takes time to get those on your email list to actually buy from you. So how do you give stuff away, and profit now? Here are 3 things that work.

1. Telephone Consultation

When you are first starting your business, one of the best ways to get clients is to talk with people on the phone. There is no faster way to build the know, like, trust relationship that drives people to buy, than to connect with them personally.

Offer your audience a free 15 minute phone consultation where you can quickly assess their needs and recommend a personalized plan of action for them. Usually, this will include one of your products or services. This may sound time-consuming, but it actually narrows and targets your market. The ones who actually get on the phone with you are going to be your more serious buyers.

2. One Time Offer (or OTO)

Once a person has opted in to your list by leaving her email address in exchange for your free gift, present her with a “one time only” offer. The offer should be for a significant discount on one of your products or services. Make sure the offer is only good for 24 to 48 hours so people are motivated to buy now.

3. Coupon

When someone signs up for your email list, you’ll immediately send them an email giving access to their free gift. At the bottom of this email, add a coupon for 25% off any product or service you offer. Make the coupon valid for no more than 7 days so that urgency to “buy now” will be in place.

This is much like the One Time Offer, but allows for a little more flexibility. And, the concept of a coupon will appeal more to different audiences. The number of people who buy things just because they have a coupon, or who choose to visit a store on a certain day because they have a coupon expiring on that day, makes this an appealing option for kick-starting your profits.

Go Offline

I know, you started an online business so you could sit in front of the computer in your pajamas and work without worrying about showering for a few days. That’s great. But, especially when you’re starting out, not the best way to play it.

Again, I want to stress to you that actually talking to people is the best way to get your business going. Here are 3 great offline activities that can bring you quick profits.

4. Networking Meetings

Attend local Meetup groups, BNI meetings, and other networking events that happen in your area. I’ve personally found Meetup.com to be the best place to find good groups. Choose groups where your target market will be. Go with business cards in hand, and be prepared to listen to what people need.

Obviously, don’t try to sell yourself at the meeting. But hand out your cards and make sure to connect with people you meet there online – while you’re at the meeting. You are still just relationship building, not selling, but the time from relationship to doing business together moves at a very quick speed when you have the opportunity to connect in person at these type of meetings.

5. Offer to Speak

Connect with local groups in your area that are relevant to your market and offer to speak or do a presentation. These may be Meetup groups, Chamber of Commerce functions, breakfast clubs, or any other special interest group. Groups like this are always looking to fill their calendar with good and relevant speakers.

At the end of your presentation, tell people about the products and services you have that can provide even more value to what they’re doing. You’ll often create business right there on the spot.

6. Hold a Local Workshop

Pick a topic in your market that you’re comfortable with, create a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation around it, and hold a workshop. Charge a nominal fee for the workshop, so that the fee is not a barrier to entry for anyone who wants to come learn.

The workshop can be sponsored by one of the local groups (such as a Meetup group), or you can do it on your own and just advertise through local groups and local Facebook Ads.

Ideally, your topic will be something where you can provide further one-on-one service to interested workshop participants. Not only do you get the workshop fees, but you can also get a new customer or two (or more!) who see the need for what you have to offer.

Get Easy Products

I know that some of you are saying, “This all sounds good, but my business is new, and I don’t have any products to offer yet.” So, for our last 3 tips I’m going to suggest easy ways to create a product. You can then pair these ideas with the ideas above and really be off to a roaring start.

7. Expert Interview

If the idea of creating your own product within the next 30 days is overwhelming, try this out. Identify an expert in your market who provides a service that complements what you do. Ask that person to give you an hour of their time for an interview that you want to turn into a product.

Record the interview and get it transcribed. You’ve got a product. Obviously, it should solve a problem or address a need for your market.

You can pay the expert for her hour, or pay her a percentage of each sale. You may also give her the rights to use the interview as a bonus for her audience. Yes, you may have to ask a few experts before you find “the one,” but you’d be surprised how many people remember what it was like to be new, and are happy to help you.

8. Mini “Getting Started” Guides

Create a “mini” product. A small, but value packed ebook or video is the best example. I’ve had the best results with this if I go for topics that tell people how to get started with something. Remember, there are a lot of people who know nothing about what you take for granted. Don’t worry about making it too basic. That is rarely a problem.

Set aside 2-3 hours and create the entire product. Go to fiverr.com and have someone design an ecover or video intro for it, and you’ve got a product. It may be in the $7-$17 range, but that’s okay. Getting into profit is the starting point for getting rich.

9. Affiliate Products

Finally, as a last resort (but not a bad resort), go to Clickbank.com and find an affiliate product to promote while you’re finishing your product. Buy the product first, make sure it’s something you’re proud of, and then promote it to your audience. If you give them something good, they’ll already trust you when you launch your first product.

Get Started

Building a profitable online business takes time. There’s no substitute for that. But, your first goal is to get into profit. Any profit. After those first few dollars, you’ll notice that ~ like a snowball rolling down hill ~ the profits start coming faster and getting bigger.

While some of these tips require you to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll find that you need to do that anyway to get big in your business. You might as well make a little money while you’re at it.

Which ideas will you use to get started? If you’ve implemented any, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. Also, please share if you have other ideas for quickly getting a new online business into profit.



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