Video How-To: Creating SEO-Friendly Blog Permalinks

Have you ever read a blog and thought, “my writing is better than that!” “And my blog is prettier than that.” ?And yet the blog you are reading has dozens of comments, is full of paid advertising, and enjoys an Alexa ranking of under 100,000. ?While yours sits lonely and neglected with an occasional lone comment from your mom.

How do they do it? ?What limits your business to being seen on your blog by 11 people, while someone who by all appearances has blogging skills that equal yours (at best), makes a living from the traffic she generates to hers?

The fact is, there is a surprisingly small difference between you and her. ?And the easy answer is, more people read her blog than read yours.

Obviously, there are several factors that go into building a successful blog. ?And by successful, I mean one that makes money ~ either through paid advertising, or more likely, through the products and services you offer there.

But what is becoming one of the biggest challenges these days is the amount of “noise” there is on the internet. ?By that I mean the number of people who are trying to make money online and trying to promote their business through blogging.

You’ve got to do everything you can to be found online if want to have any hope of actually being successful online. ?And it’s this fact that makes the tip I share with you in the above video so valuable. ?It’s a 10 minute tweak that will ensure that the permalink structure of your blog post is optimized to get you found by the search engines.

Will this one tip alone make you millions? ?No. ?But it is essential, considering the odds of being found by the search engines that you currently face. ?And this tip, combined with every other small step you take to “perfect” your blog will?add up to be the difference between the stuggles others face and the wild success you enjoy!

I hope the video is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.


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  1. I know a little about SEO. I am learning so much from your blog! Thanks Jennifer 🙂


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