When Success Means Quitting

I learned early on in my network marketing career that “the only way to fail is to quit.”

And indeed, every successful person I know has a story about not quitting.? And about how eventually, often on the brink of giving up, he has had the breakthrough that led to multimillion dollar success.

You’ve probably heard me tell you to take action.? And to just keep taking action, until your online business is the success you dream about it being as you toil away long past midnight.

No doubt, consistent action is the key to success.

But I had a conversation with a frustrated online business owner the other day that made me realize something I probably overlook too often.

Not just any action will do.? You must take right action.

Getting in your car and driving from California to New York without a map would take much longer than doing it with a triptik from AAA.? AAA are the experts.? They know how to get you there.

And building a successful online business is like driving from California to New York.? Some stretches will go easier than others.? You will get tired.? You’ll have to stop and rest.? But not for too long, or you’ll never get there.

And, you’ll need the right map if you ever want to get there.

Here’s what I see far too often.? (And yes, it’s what I did too, for far too long!)? Serious, committed online business owners who pick up a new and different map every 30-60 days.? Inspired by the promise of a quicker and easier route to success.

So you end up starting in California and driving to Colorado every 30 to 60 days.? But you never make it to New York.

The key to building a successful online business is finding a map that will get you there and staying the course.

And the map that promises you can make the trip in 4 hours, or on one tank of gas, or without stopping to sleep, is wrong.? Don’t follow it.

If you find yourself purchasing a new Ebook, membership site, or magic software on how to make money online every 30 or 60 days (or more often!), quit.? If you want to build a successful online business, quit.? I don’t care how good the sales letter makes it sound, you must quit.

You must start building your business like you’ve rented a space at the local strip mall and are preparing to open the doors for your customers to walk in and buy.

You wouldn’t do that in a weekend, and you won’t build your online business in a weekend.

I know it can “feel” better to buy a new “how to make money online” product than to write a sales letter or contact a potential JV partner.? Because you are buying hope.? And hope feels good.

But, while hope is a good thing, it won’t build your business and it won’t pay your bills.? Your sales letter will.? Your JV deal will.

So close your email, put away your credit card, and get to writing.? Your success depends on it.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at home mom with three fabulous kids, ages 3, 4 and 6. She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 13 years. Jennifer?s passion is empowering others to personal and business success through a positive mindset and consistent action.

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