Why I Bought Jay Baer’s Book (and Why You Should Care)

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Jay Baer has a new book coming out in June 2013. It’s called Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype. In case you don’t know Jay, here’s how he introduces himself:

I’m Jay Baer. A hype-free marketing strategist, speaker, and author. I’m the founder of Convince & Convert, a social media and content consultancy.

I know Jay because I read his blog at Convince & Convert, subscribe to his daily email that provides social media updates, and listen to his Social Pros podcast. I wouldn’t describe myself as a hardcore Jay Baer fan, but I do respect and trust him.

And while I’m certain his book will be good, that’s not why I bought it. I have more books on the shelf than I can read in the next 10 years.

I bought, or actually pre-ordered, Youtility because of an email Jay sent out. And I was so impressed with the marketing lesson in this email campaign, that I am compelled to share it with you.

How We Usually Sell

You know marketing. Either because you are a marketer, or you’ve been marketed to. So you know that when you sell something, you sell not the “features” of the product, but rather the “benefits” users will get from the product.

I would have expected Jay’s email to read something like this:

Youtility gives you a whole new way to look at marketing. You’ll learn:

  1. How one tweak in your marketing strategy can double your profits;
  2. Why people don’t buy from you, and how to change that within a week; and
  3. The 3 ways you can help your buyers that will help your bottom line even more.

(Note: I totally made this up. The book isn’t out yet, and I have no inside connection to an advance copy).

By the end of the email, I would expect to feel like I needed to buy this book today or my business would be bankrupt within a year. And, this strategy would work. I, and many of you, would buy the book based on the belief that it would help us make more money in our business.

Isn’t that why we buy most business products ~ to help your business’ bottom line? Certainly nothing wrong with this traditional marketing strategy.

How Jay Baer Sold Me

But Jay’s email was different from the start. The subject line read: “I need a favor, please”

So it started out about him, not me. And it continued. The first line read:

This is a very exciting (and important) week for me, as it’s the final push to collect pre-orders for my new book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype. Can I count on your help?

The email goes on to give a brief description of what the book’s about, and outlines the bonuses you’ll get for pre-ordering the book. It ends with this:

We produce a TON of free content here at C&C [Convince & Convert], and I don’t ask much in return. But this week, I really need a hand.

True, you can order the book for a couple dollars less at Amazon. But I can’t compete heads up against those guys, and I’m trying to keep all my pre-orders in one batch for best-seller list purposes. Thus, all the bonuses that are available if you order from me, this week.

Will you please buy a copy this week??I’d sure appreciate it.

Sincere thanks for your support of all that I do!

And so I bought. Why? Not because the “bonuses” are worth an inflated $10,000+ (as is normal). The bonuses are cool, but pretty modest in comparison to what you often see.

I bought because Jay reminded me that Convince & Convert gives me quality, free content on a daily basis. And the least I could do is pony up $20 as a way to thank him, and to help him out when he asked.

I bought because he didn’t try to convince me it was in my best interest, but rather he authentically asked for a favor. Like my “real life” friends ask me to buy girl scout cookies from their kids.

How to Make This Unconventional Marketing Work For You

Interesting story, but how can you use this to make more money in your business? First, ask yourself: “If I sent an email like Jay Baer’s to my list, how would they respond?” If you would be reluctant to send such an email, why? If you did send such an email, what reason would you be able to give your readers for doing a favor for you?

Maybe you can see where I’m going here. It’s crucial that your list know, like and trust you. If they do, they’ll buy from you when it benefits them.

But if you really rock their world, they’ll come to adore you, appreciate you, and advocate for you. And that’s where the magic happens.

Easier said than done? Yes. That’s why not everyone is doing it. It takes a team to do what Jay does at Convince & Convert. Can you imagine sending a highly valuable social media update to your list five days a week? Even though it’s curated and usually not original content, to make this a quality offering would be a full time job for the solo entrepreneur.

But, not to worry, you can do this. For today, let’s start here. Imagine that your list consists of only one person. But if you treat this one person right, they have a future value of millions of dollars to you. What would you do to show this person you are worthy of their millions? And to convince them that, in fact, the value will be more to them, than what you’ll get from the relationship?

Next time, we’ll talk about things you can do to make your audience adore you, appreciate you, and advocate for you. In the meantime, here’s the link to order Jay’s new book if you’re interested (not an affiliate link): Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype.?Jay’s a smart guy who does good stuff, so it’s undoubtedly a good purchase. Order by Friday, May 24, 2013 to receive the bonuses.

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