Why a Positive Attitude is Essential to a Positive Bank Balance

Today we?re going to talk about how and why maintaining a positive attitude is essential to building and maintaining a profitable business. Let me start by telling you a story. A few weeks back, my cell phone stopped working. So I found myself spending Saturday evening with what seemed to be half the city, at the cell phone store. And of course with my three kids in tow, who were thrilled. What I encountered at the cell phone store was a surprisingly hostile crowd.

I overheard complaints about repair prices, wait times . . . saw customers arguing with each other about who should be standing where, and found myself very inconveniently placed next to a man who was demanding to see camera footage from the store, to prove that he hadn?t been in the store on a day earlier. I still don?t know what that was all about.

But, there was nothing particularly bad about my visit to the store. I had to wait a little longer than was convenient, but the store appeared to be fully staffed and appeared to be running as efficiently as it could with the number of people that were in there.

The sales associate that was trying to help me was friendly, knowledgeable and took care of my needs. But, as I continued to witness all of this discontent around me, and then as another customer attempted to engage me in her complaining about the wait time she was having, I found myself becoming frustrated and irritable, just like the other people around me were.

And I really couldn?t identify any basis for my change in attitude at all. Clearly the hostility of the atmosphere was just sucking me into it. Fortunately, because of my work on mindset and on always maintaining a positive attitude, it really made me conscious of what was happening. I was able to pull myself up and to maintain a pleasant disposition, despite what was really kind of a chaos around me.

But truly, I?ll admit to you it was work. And I tell you this story because truly it will be work for you to maintain a positive attitude when getting your business off the ground and getting it into a substantial profit mode.

I know most people think that learning how to get 10,000 Twitter followers, and what HTML is, and what your C-Panel is, and how to FTP things, and figuring out the hundred technical ?how to? processes in your business is your first priority. But, you’re wrong.

And because of this misconception that it’s necessary to get all of the technical stuff right, first and foremost, the mindset stuff is always, “Well, it?s already there,” or “Who cares?” or ?”It?s not what I want to spend my time on.”

You know most people are at that place with mindset. It?s really important to understand that putting all of the technical stuff and all of the ?how to? stuff first is wrong and is not going to allow you or enable you to build a profitable business and here’s why:

At least half of your business success is going to be dependent on mindset. And you have to get that into your head. Now the beauty of that is that your mind set of course, your attitude, is 100% within your control. At the cell phone store I could have bought into the negative atmosphere and become completely frustrated with my visit there. But what purpose would that has served me??

Once you allow something to put you into a bad mood and a negative frame of mind, it really has a compounding effect. That?s why it is so important to avoid even getting there in the first place.

Think about the times you?ve had a bad day. Usually, whether you realize it or not, you let one thing negatively affect you and then everything else just seems to go wrong that day. It?s not that you?re just completely unlucky and the victim of the universe?s bad fortune that day. It seems that way, and it feels that way. But it?s the fact that everything you encounter is colored by your mindset. And your mindset on a day like that says,??I?m having a bad day?.

So it?s almost like you expect – you do really (subconsciously usually) – expect everything to go wrong that day. And you know those days. Others that have the misfortune of encountering you on those days may ask you ?if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?? And you?re like,??I?m having a bad day!?

You?re not going to change your bad day if in your mind you are having a bad day. So, if you?re going to be successful in your business, you?ve got to live by the fact that no matter what the situation is, how you react is completely and exclusively within your control.

So you choose to react by seeing the positive in things, by turning apparent defeat into new success or new opportunity. Adopting this attitude is essential to the success of your business. And one of the biggest reasons why, is that you have to learn how to overcome the ?Minimum Mentality.? And you?ve got to adopt the ?Millionaire Mentality? to get anywhere with your business.

Now I?ve talked to you before about the difference in the minimum and millionaire mentality, but just to give you a little refresher . . .

At least 90% of the people in this country, in the world probably, have the ?Minimum Mentality?. These are all the people you are going to run into in your life as an entrepreneur who are going to caution you against those ?work from home scams? or those ?pyramid schemes?.?

These are the people who fill you with stories of their Uncle Joe who failed at his home business. You probably have people like this in your life. Even the people who – as they encourage you – they are giving you that, “Oh how na?ve that you are trying this, you?ll quit within six months” smile at the same time that they are saying,?Oh yeah! That?s nice?.

These are the people who, honestly like most of the people in my previous life, will share your desire for financial success and freedom but they will never take any action to make it happen out of belief that it won?t happen.?

These are the ?Minimum Mentality?, 9 to 5, no desire or belief that they can ever get out of it, struggle people and if you want to begin to succeed in your online business – You?ve got to get away from these people. There is no other way around it. At the very least you have to limit your time with the ?Minimum Mentality? folks and you?ve got to form friendships and business relationships with the ?Millionaire Mentality? crowd.

Now this can be easier said than done, especially considering that at the most, this crowd consists of about 3% of the people out there. But, if you want to preserver online through the initial struggles of getting your business off the ground ? it?s essential that you find a way to do this.

If someone’s been selling you on the fact that having a successful online business is easy, they are lying to you. I mean, you are going to go through doubts, failures and challenges that you can?t even imagine. You?ve probably been through some already. And you?re not going to be able to press through these to come out on the other side with money in your pocket, if you don?t have the positive attitude that comes from the ?Millionaire Mentality?.

You?ll quit, you?ll give up. And you?ll become one of the people who says,??Oh it?s too hard. It doesn’t work. You can?t make any money online.?

I guarantee that’s what will happen. And I don?t want to see you be that person. I don’t want you to quit. You don?t have to, if you will come to grips with the fact that you?ve got to get your mindset right. You?ve got to get into a positive attitude.?

So, for your action steps this week, let?s work on developing a positive mental attitude in your daily life because it will translate into your business. How you do one thing is how you do everything. You have to make a positive attitude a habit. A natural reaction to any situation.

Step One: Write Down Things You are Generally Negative About

Whether it is things that you are in traffic, waiting in line, annoying people in your life, annoying people in the grocery store . . . Anything you generally have a negative reaction to.

And if you honestly can?t think of anything ? then your mission will be to pay attention to when you become annoyed and when you become negative. You have to be conscious of it, and when you feel yourself slipping into that negativity say,?Okay this is a time that triggers my negativity?.

Step Two: Make a Conscious Effort to Change Your Attitude

Once you?ve got these things written down, make a conscious effort to change your attitude about them. Pay attention to whenever you feel annoyed and consciously turn it around. This requires different ?self-talk.’ Feeding your mind different messages.?

If I?m stuck in traffic because of an accident, instead of being frustrated that I?m going to be late or that I?m wasting time, I concentrate on being grateful that I?m not the one who’s in the accident. I?m not the one who is causing the backup because it sure is worse for them than it is for me.

People who annoy me, who are rude, or crazy or whatever ? I look at them with compassion and usually (this is kind of morbid) I pretend that they just found out that their loved one has cancer, and so they are having a hard time dealing with life because they’re in some kind of horrible situation like that.

You?ve got to find whatever trigger it takes for you to turn your mind around and see the situation differently so you can have a positive attitude about it.

Step Three: Look at People in Your Life that are Toxic to You

Make a list of who they are. People who are affirmatively, or even with their smile and their attitude, not supportive of you. Write them down and create a plan as to how to deal with each one of them.

Are you going to eliminate them from your life? Are you going to modify the amount of time you spend with them? Or are you going to have to make a deal with them not to talk about business. That it’s just not a subject, that if they can’t be 100% supportive of you, it?s not a subject that you two will talk about.

That may be a little uncomfortable for you to have to make that deal with someone. But do you care enough about the success of your business to step out of your comfort zone and change some of your relationships??

Yes, you do. And so that is what you’ve got to start doing. Because you can?t grow the right mindset and therefore the successful business that you are looking for if you are in a toxic environment.

Alright, let?s get to work on those three things and I?ll talk to you next week.?

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