Why Your Online Business is Better Than Santa Claus

Why Your Online Business is Better Than Santa Claus

This is the moment we’ve all been working towards since the Halloween leftovers went to the 75% off shelf on November 1.

At many stores you had until 9:00 last night to come up with the “perfect” gifts for the ones you love (and the ones you have that dreadful obligation to buy for). And today, all will be revealed. Lives will be changed with iDevices, video game consoles, and $100 dolls that require wardrobes more expensive than my own.

Or will they?

Of course not. Because all this “stuff” that we put so much time and effort into acquiring, isn’t what we really want at all. “Version 4” that we waited in line all night to get our hands on will be so outdated by next Christmas that we wouldn’t take it if you tried to give it away.

So thanks for your efforts Santa Claus, but the present we really want, is presence.

I admit the?stuff can be fun. But what I remember about Christmases past is not the stuff I got, as much as the memories I made. Baking cookies with my mom, hand washing the good china with my aunts and grandma after an unbelievable feast, family game time, playing in the snow. Being together.

And that’s where your online business comes in. Your business has the unlimited potential to give you these gifts that keep on giving.

How to Claim Your Online Business Gifts

While the specifics may vary, the motivating factor behind starting your online business likely had to do with wanting to be more present in your life. For your kids, your spouse or partner, your self.

More time for your hobbies, for vacations, for doing nothing. Less time wasted thinking about your boss, crazy coworkers and unfulfilling work.

The most valuable thing you have to give to anyone is your time. And being in control of your time is really the meaning of life.

And, it’s the eternal gift your online business keeps on giving.

But, it doesn’t always feel that way. At times, your computer can feel like the ball and chain that keeps you from having?any time for the things you want, rather than?all?the time.

If your business is feeling more like a time-thief than a time-creator, let me give you 3 quick ways you can start to change that ~ today.

1. Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

One of the biggest reasons I see people drowning in their business these days is that they are spending hours a day on social media. Stop trying to keep up with every social media network their is. No matter what the social media “experts” tell you, this will never give you the freedom you’re looking for in your business.

To do today: Look at how much time you have to spend on your business every day. Make a commitment to spend no more than 20% of that time on social media. Plan how you’ll divide your time.

2. Outsource (Even if You Can’t Afford it)

I know a good ?number of you are saying, “This one doesn’t apply to me. You don’t understand. I just don’t have the money for that yet.” And this thinking will keep you broke. So stop it.

To do today: Pick one thing in your business that you don’t enjoy, aren’t that good at, and just don’t have time for. Commit to outsourcing it. Figure out how many hours you can afford to outsource. Start with 5 hours a month if you have to. Barter with someone to trade services if you have to. Identify people you can outsource the work to and contact them.

3. Plan More Offline Networking

Going to offline networking events will do two time-saving things for you. First, get you more clients quicker. You can build a relationship in-person in an hour that will take you months to develop online. The quicker someone gets to know, like and trust you, the sooner you’ll find them signing on as a client.

Second, connect you with more joint venture partners, which will bring you more money with less work. You may have heard that 1 plus 1 doesn’t equal 2, it equals 11. And this is so true. The power of having people who will collaborate on projects with you, and will promote your work, is priceless.

To do today: Do an online search and reach out to local connections to identify two new networking opportunities that you can attend in January. This could be Meetup groups, BNI, lunch groups, or any number of local business events that occur daily. They’re out there, just do the work to find them.

The Time is Now

If the thought of your online business doesn’t light up your eyes more now than Santa’s gifts under the tree did when you were a child, this is your time to change that.

You have the potential to give yourself, and the rest of your world, the best gift there is ~ day after day.

Thousands of people will vow to get their business going in 2014. Few will succeed. The ones that do will be the ones that start now. So, the ball’s in your court. Are you taking the first steps today? Or promising yourself that you’ll get started “tomorrow?”

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